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Address£ºAdd.: No. 109, Huashan Road, Suyu, Suqian,Jiangsu

Boqian new material is recognized as a national intellectual property advantage enterprise
°l²¼•rég£º2020-3-13 üc“ô´Î”µ£º517

Recently, the State Intellectual Property Office released the "list of national intellectual property advantage enterprises in 2019", among which Jiangsu Boqian New Material Co., Ltd. was listed.

Since the establishment of Boqian new materials, it has always attached great importance to the work related to intellectual property, established and constantly improved the enterprise intellectual property management system, and granted certain rewards to employees applying for related patents. In the new year, boqian new materials will continue to increase the research and application of new technology and new equipment, integrate the advantages of technological innovation, improve the company's popularity in domestic and foreign markets, enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and continue to steadily promote the overall development of the enterprise.

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Company Address£º Huashan Road, No. 109, Suyu Economic Development Zone, Suqian City
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